“Das gayszlen-The Talhoffer whip”

In this workshop the multiple use of Hans Talhoffer’s whip technique will be analyzed. A variation of applications and footwork will be presented along with it’s tactical purpose and use. The workshop will also include single-hand attacks with the longsword from German, Italian and English sources and how these can be used effectively during a bout.

Equipment requirements : longsword, fencing mask, shin protectors.

Maciejka Macia

Maciejka Macia is studying and practicing HEMA for the last 14 years. He has participated as an athlete with great success in various international tournaments and he was the coach of the sport fencing Polish sub national team. He is focused mostly on German sources like Meyer and Talhoffer. He is working on a system about tournament fighting combining the medieval texts with modern sport fencing mechanics in order to maximize performance during tournaments with a strong base at the teachings of the masters.