Francesco Lodà

Francesco Lodà started his career in historical fencing in 1999. As a teacher and trainer, he has reached so far the following main titles and appointments:

Maestro d’Arme A.I.M.A.

Maestro di scherma storica HEMA CSEN

Maestro di scherma storica U.I.S.P.

Istruttore Nazionale di Scherma Storica F.I.S. – A.N.S.

Athletical Trainer from Italian Olympic Committee, plus several others.

As sport executive, he is President of  A.I.M.A. – Italian Master-at-Arms Association, delegate member of the HEMA italian national boards in Italian Fencing Federation, CSEN and UISP.

As an athlete, he has been CSEN Italian Champion in Rapier and Sidesword (2016; 2016), and he got 35 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze medals and 6 technical prize medals, in rapier tournaments he joined in Europe and U.S.A., through 2004 and 2017,  including A.I.M.A. ROMA, SWORDFISH, LONGPOINT, F.I.S. National, CSEN International, HEMAC-DIJON, TaurHEMAchia, RAPIER, UISP International and National, WMAW, FISAS, resulting as the world most rewarded athlete for rapier fencing.

As a researcher, he has a Ph.D. in History of Religions, and a second Ph. D. in Civilization and tradizion greek and roman.

He published “Rapier handbook: the Roman-Napolitean-Sicilian School”, Bonanno editore, Palermo 2014 (soon traslated in English!); “Florius. De arte luctandi”, Bonanno editore, Palermo 2013; “From the treatise to the Salle”, Bonanno Editore, Palermo 2013; “The atelier of the historician”, Il Cerchio Iniziative Editoriali,Rimini 2011; “The methodologies of research in historical fencing”, ARA edizioni, Roma 2009; “Origines and outlines of Southern School of fencing”, ARA edizioni, Roma 2008.

plus several papers and reviews.

For the movies and entertainment industry, he has trained several actors for italian productions, and he is Professor and has a Chair of “Fencing, movement and weapon for the scene” at Roma Film Academy in Cinecittà Studios (Rome).

Controlling the blades,  or to fence safely with single Rapier in a martial context, in a training sparring, in a sport competition

This workshop presents some of the principal teachings of Rapier, concerning one of the main problem of every context in which the historical fencing takes place: to hit without being hit too. For a proper HEMA practice this assumption must be true and searched, as for recreating a martial experience (i.e.: reenacting a duel or a street defense), as for a freeplay in Salle, as for a bout in a major tournament.

Therefore, the class will be focused on the actions that express a strong and continue control on the opponent blade, considered one of the best approach to a safer fencing in every context.

The workshop will introduce specific technics and themes, leading the students from the basics, through the First and Second Intention’s actions, to the Contratempo ones. On a methodological side, the lesson will present some of the traditional drills and exercises practiced to enforce these way to fence.

The class will be joinable also from people with low experience in rapier, even if recommended for fencers with some experience more.

Level: Intermediate

Requirements: 1600 N. mask, fencing jacket, breast/groin protection, chest protector (plastron or similar), fencing gloves or similar, rapier. Fencing breeches and throat protection recommended.