George Zacharopoulos

George Zacharopoulos is studying and training in Historical European Martial Arts for more than a decade with a fondness for the German longsword and a likeness for the Italian and Spanish rapier. He is currently teaching HEMA at S.C. Academy of Hoplomachia , Marxbrüder Guild Hellas and Coriolanos HEMA Team. Provost of the HISTORICAL FENCING AFFILIATES and founder of the Athens Bartitsu Club 1900. Previous experience include Ninjutsu, Combined Chinese and Filipino Boxing (by Angelos Fasois), Sport Fencing, Sport Archery. Also certified Knife Instructor of the Reality Based Personal Protection system by Jim Wagner. He has participated in HEMA events and taught workshops in Greece and abroad. Co-author (with Chrysovalantis Tampakakis) of the first book for HEMA in Greek, entitled “The Knightly art of the Sword” by Batsioulas Publications in 2011. His new book, a translation in English of Philipp Müller’s “Theoretical and Applied introduction to Swordmanship” (ΘΕΩΡΗΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΑΚΤΙΚΗ ΕΙΣΗΓΗΣΙΣ ΤΗΣ ΣΠΑΘΑΣΚΙΑΣ) 1847 military sabre treatise is out by Fallen Rook Publishing. Member of HEMAC and THE HEMA ALLIANCE. General Secretary of the Hellenic Federation of Historical European Martial Arts.


Introduction to German Smallsword: Friedrich Wilhelm August Ludwig Roux

The German stossfechten (german thrust fencing) of 19th century F.W. Roux is descending from the Kreussler tradition. Wilhelm Kreussler was a 17th century fencing master from Jena. His teachings on thrust fencing  has shaped and influenced the German masters up to the 19th century. Roux’s treatise Die Kreussler’sche Stossfechtschule. Zum Gebrauch für Academieen und Militärschulen nach mathematischen Grundsätzen” follows the same tradition where traces of “Fabrisian” rapier fencing are still evident. In this workshop we will work on the basics of his treatise as a first introduction to the wonderful world of German smallsword.

Level: Beginner

Equipment: mask, gloves, smallsword or foil, chest protector.

(there will be some training smallswords and foils available for the willing participants-first comes, first served- but if you bring your own smallsword or fencing foil will be highly appreciated.)