“The Italian Two-Hand Sword of the Renaissance”

In this workshop we will work on the fundamentals of “Gioco Largo” (large play) from the treatises of Marozzo, Anonimo Bolognese and Pietro Monte.

The basis will be Maestro Marozzo’s forms (Assalti). From the forms we will slowly built and expand to exchanges and finally to free sparring.

Equipment Requirements: longsword, fencing mask, gloves. Optional: fencing jacket and extra protection.

Roberto Gotti

Roberto Gotti started the research and practice of the Historical Western martial arts in the mid-nineties. He published various articles and books on ancient weaponry and martial arts. He has been invited for years as an instructor in major international and domestic HEMA events. He is the founder and co-creator of AIMA, for which he prepared a manual for the two handed Renaissance sword.  He was entrusted by the major Italian schools for the creation of SPADA (Society for the promotion of the art of weapons) in 2016, uniting them in an official body and serves as its President ever since. He was a member of the Working Group on Historical fencing in FIS, the Italian Olympic fencing federation. The last couple of years he participated to national tournaments, collecting two gold, one silver and two bronze medals as a school, one gold, one silver and one bronze medal individually in 2016, and two gold medals in 2017 international AIMA Roma, all for the two-hand sword (longsword).

Founder and curator of MAM (The martial art museum) which has organized dozens of exhibitions, allowing hundreds of practitioners to handle authentic historical weapons and treatises. It is the creator of Gairethinx, the first European center of studies where the daily practice of the Olympic fencing and HEMA is surrounded by a museum with more than 2000 authentic historical artifacts, printed treatises and manuscripts, swords, weapons and items related with the historical martial arts.