Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo

Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo (1972) picked up his first longsword in 1992. He is founder and president of the AMEK. The academy was officially founded in 2002 and has currently five locations in the Netherlands with a total of 150 students. In 2008 he started to teach internationally. He has taught all over the world and in more than 20 countries. His focus is 15th century German fighting tradition, secondary, Italian dagger and wrestling. His other specialism is designing and the execution of ‘flow drills’ with one- and two weapons. On July 12th 2008 Mishaël was officially knighted in Holland for his contribution to the reconstruction of the historical European martial heritage in the lowlands. In 2010 Mishaël’s initiated and co-founded the HEFFAC ‘Historical European Fighting and Fencing Arts Coalition’, a lowlands HEMA Alliance, consisting of clubs from Holland and Belgium. Mishaël is a fierce tournament fighter, won numerous medals and trained some of the best fighters today. Besides being a HEMAist, Mishaël is a musician, artist and actor. He does motion capture for computer games. And played in among others Richard the Lionheart (Lionsgate), The mega series Game of Thrones and has now scored a formidable role in the series Vikings. He has no wife or kids and still parties the shit out of everybody. He resides in Haarlem Netherlands.

Absetzen, Winden & Mutieren


In this class we look at one of the most challenging techniques in fencing with the longsword. Working from the bind in close range to your opponent. Where it all comes down to ‘feeling’ what the opponent is up and you no longer can rely on ‘seeing’. Relying on your sight from that point on will most likely get your eye poked out. That why the old master called it ‘Fühlen am Schwert’ (feeling on the sword)

Sparring goes fast and longsword fighters rather not stick around to see what’s going to happen from a bind. More often they already have set themselves on a mission to disengage and go for another strike. A logic, easy alternative, but often a wasted opportunity.

When you are in a sparring bout or friendly play it is not so easy to work from the bind and most of us fighters I see today still rely solemnly on strikes and distance management. And this is logic, you stick to what you know best and what makes you feel most comfortable and safe. However if you master this section of fencing. I guarantee you that you will be able to stab the living daylights out of your opponent and know this is great fun! Moreover it’s a very frustrating to be on the receiving end, which makes it all together even more fun!

So our focus in this workshop will be on Absezten, Winden en Mutieren not just from a ‘slowmotion’ and theoretical perspective, but if time we will throw in some neat sparring drills. Hope to see you in my class. Let’s roll and stab some ass.


Level: intermediate , advanced

Equipment: longsword, mask , gloves, jacket