Ton Puey

Ton Puey grew up studying shotokan karate for 8 years, during his adolescence and childhood, before he started practicing sport fencing in 1995. He did not move to historical fencing until 2002, and around 2004 he started his research into the Spanish fencing style La “Verdadera Destreza”. Since then he has been teaching this discipline in different workshops in Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Russia and USA. Ton is a founding member of Asociación Galega de Esgrima Antigua -Galician Association of Historical Fencing- and a honorary member of the Spanish Federation of Historical Fencing. Ton also belongs to the editorial board of AGEA publishing, and to the European Association Hemac.

Currently is Master at Arms of Academia da Espada school, based in the Verdadera Destreza system with the XVI-XVII period weapons.

-The Sword and Dagger of Francisco Lorenç de Rada

In 1705 the Diestro Francisco Lorenç de Rada publishes “Nobleza de la Espada”, probably the most complete text on the school of the Verdadera Destreza.
The author deals in great detail with the theory and practice of the rapier, as most of the authors of Destreza, but also studies with great attention to the handling of double weapons (the combination of the sword and another weapon, usually dagger, buckler, shield or cape), especially to the most popular combination, that of the sword and the dagger, becoming the author in Spanish language that best describes it.



A Little experience with sword and dagger is better, but beginners are welcome.



Mask, gloves, jacket and rapier and dagger.