“Winning in the Bind, Joachim Meyer’s Craft”

Students of this class will learn how Joachim Meyer established an explanation of the complete sequence of sword combat. This explanation contains an element he termed the “Craft”. Meyer’s Craft contains a number of specific techniques and concepts that will transform the student’s understanding of the Craft.

A proper understanding of this element can give fencers a significant advantage.  Binding and winding will be explored in ways not universally covered.  A number of specific techniques and drills will be used to examine the Craft and gain an appreciation for this “Third Element”.  No prior knowledge of Meyer’s work is needed but certainly will be helpful. I will cater this class to the intermediate to advanced student.

“Further there follows thirdly a contingent element which is properly called the Craft.” –Joachim Meyer, 1570

Prior to the start of class: Students should be assembled, with all training gear donned and sufficiently warmed and stretched to begin partnered drilling of a moderate pace. (Warmed, slightly sweating).

Equipment requirements: longsword (synthetic or steel), fencing mask, gloves, jacket, protective cup for men

Aaron Pynenberg

Aaron Pynenberg is the lead trainer for the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association in Appleton Wisconsin. He has been training and teaching HEMA for 17 years. He is a Provost in the Historical Fencing Association and has been featured in a number of documentaries including, “Médiéval Fight Book”, “Makers and Masters”, and “Reclaiming the Blade”. He has taught workshops and competed in tournaments in USA and abroad.  He is an established Law Enforcement trainer, and is a military veteran.