Advanced Longsword Cutting Mechanics
This workshop will present a series of complex solo drills designed to refine the swordsman’s cutting mechanics.
Achille Marozzo’s Single Dagger
Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova is well known fencing manual of the 16th century Bolognese Fencing tradition.
A different perspective
This workshop is an introduction to my approach to training, be that training for better combat performance or for better results from personal training.
Close combat with short blades
In this workshop we will work on the basic principles of close range combat with shorter blades like dussack, messer, falchion e.t.c.
Discussion with swords
The art of Master Johannes Liechtenauer in five words
Manipulating measure
Measure is one of the cardinal principles of Italian rapier. The fencer who controls measure frequently controls the fight.
Meyer Longsword
We will take a look at how Meyer teaches concepts of fencing by working through a few of his longer devices.