“Winning in the Bind, Joachim Meyer’s Craft”

Aaron Pynenberg (USA)

“Dussack according to Meyer: The Flat with an edge”

Roman Vučajnk (SLOVENIA)

“The Italian Two-Hand Sword of the Renaissance”

Roberto Gotti (ITALY)

“An iron bar is easier to lift than a bag of feathers of the same weight- Wrestling according to Pietro del Monte (1509)”

Daniel Jaquet (SWITZERLAND)

“On provoking and harming the enemy”

Chrysovalantis Tampakakis (GREECE)

“Nicoletto Giganti: Coming to grips”
Close fighting with the rapier

George Zacharopoulos (GREECE)

“Das gayszlen-The Talhoffer whip”

Maciejka Macia (POLAND)