“With both ends and also what’s in between – la doctrine et l’industrie du Le Jeu de la Hache”

A basic approach of the teachings of this anonymous, unfinished manuscript, in which we’ll deal with fighting with the pollaxe in armour and see how the anonymous author thoroughly covers every situation.

People are welcome to train in armour ! ;)

Failing that, good gloves and a mask will do the thing. And a cup. Don’t forget te cup, fellas.

Mandatory equipment:  mask, gloves, groin cup. (People are welcome to train in armour )

Level: Any

This workshop is limited to 20 people due to weapon availability. Please book early.


Fabrice Cognot has been doing HEMA for years. Really. He’s the founder of De Taille et d’Estoc – France’s largest and (now) oldest HEMA group, chief organiser of the yearly Dijon gathering, took part in the founding of the French national federation, was also involved in the IFHEMA project, has lectured about too many things, wrriten too many articles and maybe not enough books yet, loves to play with whatever HEMA is available, from wrestling to pollaxe and rapier and longsword and creates swords and daggers and hammers and all things cool for a living.