Workshop: (Langes Messer)

Wrestling and disarms

The workshop will focus at wrestling with the Langes Messer and disarms around the Langes Messer.

Lebküchner teaches a lot of wrestling techniques, some of the for fighting, some of them for the fechtschul and some of them are only for fun.

We train together a bunch of techniques from all of this directions.

The second part of the workshop will be about disarms. Lebküchner shows over 50 techniques how to disarm the other guy.

We train how to get the weapon out of the hand of your opponent with:

  • Only one of your hands,
  • With both of your hands,
  • Only with the use of your Langes Messer
  • With the use of your Langes Messer and you free hand.

Equipment:  Langes Messer or a one handed sword (no sharp please!), mask

Level: All


I started thirty years ago with Filipino martial arts. After nine years of training Escrima I finally got in contact with “Der Kunst des Fechtens”. The first contact has been a seminar about showfighting. This has been not enough for me, so some friends and I hosted a seminar with John Clemens in Munich. This has been my personal kick off with swords. And now, after establishing “Ochs-historische Kampfkünste e.V.”, shooting one (not so impressing) video and four (much better ) DVD´s about the use of the Langes Schwert and the Langes Messer, a lot of seminars, nearly 20 years of training with the Langes Schwert, the Langes Messer and Dolchkampf, my hair is grey (at least the ones that are left) but I am still a member of HEMA.